1. Whats is a Panoramic?
    A panoramic like this 360 degrees tour here is a virtual walk through our Radisson Blu Hotel in Berlin. In simple words you can get visible Information about us as you walk like in real and where you want. Every panoramic gives you additional information with out textbox below the panoramic window. An audiostream in the background send music and furhter informations with the offspeaker which you can turn on and off by the symbol.

  2. How can i navigate this tour?
    Click with the mouse over the panoramic window. After than it wait for your navigation and will be still in moving. The View from the panoramic can now changing throug movement your mouse. For example you hold down the mosuebutton and move your mouse to the left in this panoramic window the actual view will be changed too. Alternative you can use the arrow symbols to navigate left, right, up and down. With plus or minus you can zoom in or out.